Meet Erik and Madaline…

We met through one of those twisty, unpredictable ways through our mutual love of photography! Having both attended a social meeting website gathering for photographers in 2016, we exchanged several glances in-between commentary from the facilitator, and by the end, I knew I had to introduce myself to this extraordinary woman. Fast forward a few years and we’ve attended a multitude of photography workshops together, and continue to share our love of photography and travel any chance we get.

We ourselves, are engaged to be married and cannot better understand what you are facing as you prepare for the milestone moments in your life. How overwhelming all the options and choices can be, how many trade-off’s there are when your budget or headcount continue shifting, and you are juggling so many priorities, you can get caught up struggling to keep it all straight. WE UNDERSTAND.

Our job is to give you peace of mind to check the “photographer” box off your list, and spend your time focusing on the other details. One unique offering is weaving some of your own moments into the overall fabric of the wedding experience. Send us some of the photos captured by you and your guests and we will develop the photos to fit the “feel” of the rest of your wedding package. We can be a lot of places, but some of the most magical moments are captured by your guests and we want ensure your wedding package tells the WHOLE story you want it to!
Erik’s composition style of unique perspectives, candid moments, and vibrant rich colors are perfectly balanced with Madaline’s silky smooth, soft and warm style, also capturing a very unique perspective, it never fails to surprise us how we can take a picture of the same thing, and end up with two uniquely different photos, each equally good in different ways. With two photographers, you will have a near 360 perspective of your wedding party, and your ceremony. You are in control and understanding your needs is our strength. Tell us what you imagine, and let us help you make it a reality!

We want you to choose photographers who will not only will skillfully capture the special moments, telling your story, your way, but ensuring we get to know you, learn about your vision, and helping you craft the PERFECT photography package to memorialize your milestone moment.